Are Litigation and Lawlessness Coming to a Port Near You? 

Reckless behavior could cost rank and file union members billions if something isn’t done to protect the ports of Elizabeth and Newark. With nearly 40% of the U.S population within a day’s drive of the ports, our economy literally hangs in the balance. Amazon orders, critical medical supplies or perhaps that new car could be at risk if union leadership strikes or purposely halts port operations as they have been recently threatening. Sadly it will be the members who pay the price following the recent Supreme Court ruling that opens the door for the lawsuits to fly. 

Now management could have the legal authority to potentially sue workers personally for the reckless tactics of ILA leadership.

With no agency watching over the ports now, there is no telling how bad things will get.

Tell your ILA leadership that their reckless behavior is going to cost your family!

Protect Our Ports Inc
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